Flutter Shutter Video Camera

Our initial prototype was based on using an externl ferro-elctric shutter in front of the main lens of the camera as shown below. We used
a Canon digitial still camera for the prototype.

Recently, we have been able to achieve fluttered integration "on-chip" using Pointgrey Dragonfly2 XGA video camera. We trigger the video 
camera according to the coded sequence using the parallel port of the PC. Thus, the external shutter is not required.
Additional cost = 0 dollars!!

Flutter Shutter Video Camera: "On chip" fluttered integration at no additional cost

More about 'Flutter Shutter Camera'

Paper at Siggraph 2006:
Coded Exposure Photography: Motion Deblurring using Fluttered Shutter
Ramesh Raskar, Amit Agrawal, and Jack Tumblin